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Protecting your home's electrical systems in the event of an emergency is critical. Whether due to a storm or equipment failure, you can find crucial systems like air conditioning or sump pumps non-operational in the blink of an eye. In that moment, your standby automatic generator takes over and delivers the energy you require. Affordable as well as convenient, a new outdoor generator delivers peace of mind while staying out of sight. At Power My Home, our team has performed residential generator installs in Vancouver since 1982.

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Trust Power My Home With Your Backup Generator Install

There is no other company to trust with your installation than Power My Home. Our prompt installation service delivered by qualified technicians will ensure that you receive the generator that is right for you. So in the event of a storm, power outage, or emergency you can rely on your new generator to provide your home with the energy it needs.

Reasons To Choose Our Team For Your Installation:

Our experience is unparalleled, with just short of 1000 successful generator installations for homes.

We are authorized dealers for the major brands you can trust: Generac and Kohler.

Our factory trained technicians can efficiently install all major generator varieties including liquid propane, natural gas, or liquid-cooled diesel units.

Any warranty claims on Generac units will be no hassle for you. We can take care of it and save you time.

Financing options are available for qualifying customers!

Time For Your New Backup Generator

The benefits of a backup generator for your household or building are numerous. Consistent comfort throughout power failures is only the beginning. The automatic nature of our generator installs in Vancouver means that important security systems, refrigeration units, or any other electrical system demanding 24/7 uptime are powered even when you’re away. Since the backup generator runs off your liquid propane fuel supply or natural gas lines, refueling won’t be an issue. To learn more about the benefits of investing in a generator or our installation process, give us a call today.

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