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Ground-mount solar panels can be placed anywhere in a yard or field that sees the sun for the majority of the day.

Solar solutions harness the sun’s energy, convert it and store it. Companies use solar energy and sometimes return it to the main power grid for resale so they can generate renewable energy tax credits. Solar energy offers the additional benefits of being clean, easy to use and continuously renewable. Plus, it doesn’t incur transport or delivery charges.

The types of solar panels most commonly used by businesses and homeowners are either ground or roof-mounted.

Ground mount solar panels can be placed anywhere in a yard or field that sees the sun for the majority of the day. Ground mounting is similar to pole mounting in that it requires a dedicated space in a yard or field to set up the panels. As a result, they are an ideal choice for residential, commercial or agricultural use, or on any other site where land is available.

Through 2019, the Canada government offers a corporate tax credit that equates to a 30 percent rebate on the cost of the system. The rebate becomes available after purchase and installment of the system but in decreasing amounts each year.

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Ground mount Solar Installation Vancouver

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The engineering team at Power My Home has a combined 20 years of solar panel installation experience. If you want to go green, ground mount solar panels are just one of many options available to you. Let us perform a comprehensive site assessment and benefits analysis that outlines the best system for you.

Power My Home will provide expert advice and detailed consultations to identify the optimal type of solar installation for your needs and your budget. If ground mounting is not the right choice, we will present you with a number of alternatives to help you make an informed, practical and forward-thinking decision.

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Ground mount solar panels are a solar solution that can be easily implemented in a large yard or field. The panels are similar to pole-mounted solar panels, but instead of being elevated on poles, they are installed directly on the ground.

Poles support the ground-mounted panels, which are positioned for maximum sun absorption and have tracking options which will allow the panels to move with the sun. The poles can be varied lengths from a few inches to many feet so that you can mount them at different heights depending on the topography of the land.


There are a number of benefits for choosing ground mount solar panels in comparison to roof-mounted systems.

  • You can install ground mount solar panels just about anywhere there is enough sunlight and available land.

  • Roof-mounted systems have more limitations due to safety regulations and the architecture of the roof.

  • Roof-mounted systems have limited space and when you need to perform maintenance on your roof, you will have to remove the solar panels to make the repairs.

  • Roof-mounted systems are often less efficient. Increased airflow underneath ground-mounted panels allows the panels to stay cooler and convert energy more efficiently.

Ground mount Solar Installation Vancouver