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Why use the Powerwall?

Whether you want to lower your energy bills or entirely disconnect from the grid, the Powerwall 2 can help. You can successfully minimize your grid energy usage and save money by incorporating solar power and a Powerwall into your property. Power My Home has certified contractors for Tesla Energy Installations. We are the ideal business to conduct your installation because of our years of experience installing alternative energy solutions.

Certified Tesla Powerwall Installers

If you’re looking for professional Tesla Powerwall installers, you’ve come to the right place. Our crew is the most experienced in the industry, and we will expertly design your solar system, handle all necessary permit applications, and install it ourselves. We’ll help you realize your clean energy goals by developing a customized package just for you. The team works to help our customers benefit financially while transitioning into a more sustainable lifestyle. Get a free Powerwall installation quote today! Also, don’t forget to consider the many benefits of pairing solar panel and battery installation for huge savings.

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Battery for your home with the Tesla Powerwall

The Powerwall 2 battery from Tesla Energy is the most recent addition to renewable and conservative energy technology. Tesla has created a true game-changer for home and small business energy storage by doubling the energy capacity without increasing the price. The second iteration of the Powerwall battery, like the original, is designed to be not only aesthetically beautiful but also effective for a variety of qualities and functions. Of course, one of the most notable improvements is that the Powerwall 2 can now handle modest commercial 208-Volt applications, making it suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Advantages of the Powerwall 2

Upgrade your property by switching to the Tesla Powerwall 2. Here are some of the advantages you'll get from this installation:

Use solar power at night — Tesla Energy batteries can make the sun's energy available to your home or business at any time. During the day, excess solar energy generated by your panels charges the battery. That energy is used to power your demands at night.

Reduce your energy expenses even further — Even if your solar power system isn't designed to meet all of your power needs, the Tesla Powerwall/Powerpack can be adjusted to reduce peak demand during hot summer days, allowing you to use less electricity from the grid. Modern sensors continuously monitor electricity output and usage, allowing it to manage where your power originates from.

Implement zero net energy (ZNE)– With careful planning, you may fulfill your complete power needs from your solar energy system, night and day.

Ensure an emergency power source — A solar panel system with battery backup can keep the lights on when storms and other events knock your neighbors' electricity off. In the event of an emergency, keep your important devices operating.

Become energy self-sufficient – You're in charge of your own power plant. Solar power is also unaffected by oil pipeline failures, gas shortages, or global politics, which monopolies utilize to raise your energy costs.

Power Wall Install Vancouver

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