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Power My Home’s Solar PV + Battery Storage Program

Capturing clean, renewable power from the sun with a solar photovoltaic (PV) system brings many benefits, including lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact. But there’s been one thing missing, until now.

Participating Battery Storage Aggregators

In order to enroll in the Battery Storage Rewards program, all customers must sign up with an approved Aggregator that is in charge of controlling your battery storage system during called events. Please select an approved aggregator to participate in this program.

Storing Solar Energy

Solar panels produce energy all day whether you need it or not – and it’s often more than you need. The only option for excess power has been to send it into the energy grid in exchange for credits. A new solution involves familiar technology: batteries. Technological advances in battery energy storage have made it an affordable option. By storing solar energy, you have more control over how and when you use it, with greater benefits than a solar PV system alone.

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Benefits of Storing Solar Energy: A Win-Win-Win

  • For our environment: solar energy is renewable, sustainable and produces no harmful emissions

  • For you: Access stored power during a power outage and receive compensation by participating in our Energy Storage Rewards program

  • For the community: Programs like Energy Storage Rewards reduce the need to expand the energy grid or to build new power plants

How it Works

A battery storage system is housed indoors or outdoors in a box the size of a small cabinet. Most systems use lithium-ion batteries – like in a cell phone or electric vehicle. Your solar contractor will determine the best location for your solar panels and batteries and the appropriate size of the entire system.

The system can provide backup power when the energy grid experiences an outage. Your battery storage system will act like a generator to power your home – either partially or fully depending on your individual system. If there’s a multi-day outage, the solar panels will recharge the battery each day to keep your home running throughout.

Pricing Options

Our Time of Use (TOU) rates offer another way to benefit from solar power. TOU rates offer lower energy prices during periods of the day and night when demand for electricity is low and higher prices in the late afternoon and evening when demand is greater. Your solar panels can charge your battery while you use power from the energy grid at lower prices. Then, you avoid the higher cost periods by powering your home with the battery system. TOU rates are not right for everyone though, as it depends on the size of your system and how you use it.

Netting the Benefits

For a solar installation, we will replace the current electric meter with a “net meter”. This meter measures electricity flowing in two directions to determine your “net” usage, which is the difference between the amount of power you supply into the energy grid and the amount you get from it. The reading on a net meter runs backwards when you are supplying energy into the grid. If there’s a billing period during which you supplied more power than you used, you’ll earn credits that will reduce future bills. A net meter cannot measure the total amount of energy produced by your system. Speak with your solar contractor about obtaining that information.

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