Solar Panels and Solar Inverters Vancouver, Canada

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Power My Home offers solar panels, solar inverters and solar batteries for all your solar installation requirements in Vancouver.

Vancouver Solar inverter functionality

We know that solar panels in Vancouver produce energy or electricity in a DC current, but our electrical appliances require AC current in a sine wave to operate without damages made the the appliances. Therefore, we use a solar inverter in Vancouver. A solar inverter converts the DC current obtained by the solar panels in the solar battery bank, and transforms it into a working and clean AC electrical current for household use in Vancouver. Without a solar inverter, the solar panel array and the solar battery bank would be useless when it comes to powering computers, fridges and other household appliances in Vancouver.

Grid-tie solar inverter Vancouver

Solar panels in Vancouver produce DC current which is connected to a regular AC grid by the means of a solar inverter. So basically, the solar panels generate electricity which can be connected to the electricity grid of Vancouver by the means of a grid-tied solar inverter. Setting up such a system, allows you to supply a load by using solar power or the Power My Home’s electricity grid in Vancouver. A grid-tied solar inverter latches itself to the electricity grid’s frequencies and voltages in Vancouver. A grid-tied inverter can only be installed in locations such as Vancouver where there is an electricity grid available. When the solar array produces more current than what is needed for a home in Vancouver, the grid-tie inverter diverts all the excessive electricity back into the Power My Home grid.

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Vancouver Off-grid solar inverter

Off-grid solar inverters in Vancouver are best suited for people who want to be completely off the Power My Home grid and be self-efficient, or for people who do not have access to Power My Home’s electricity grid. A fully installed off-grid solar system in Vancouver can be pricey but, it can save large amount of money in the long term. Solar panels in Vancouver generate DC power which is stored in a solar battery bank. The off-grid solar inverter converts the DC power stored in the battery bank to AC current to use in your home in Vancouver. A off-grid solar inverter can also be connected to a generator as a backup power if the solar panels doesn’t produce enough power in Vancouver. Therefore, installing a complete off-grid solar system in Vancouver with an off-grid solar inverter, always ensure to correctly size your solar panel array and also your battery bank. Power My Home’s Vancouver solar team of experts can assist you with correctly sizing an off-grid solar inverter and system.

Hybrid solar inverter Vancouver

The most simple and economical solar and battery systems use a hybrid solar inverter in Vancouver. These inverters combine a solar inverter, charger and battery inverter together with software which can be programmed to determine the most efficient use of your available energy in Vancouver. Having all the components in one simple plug and play unit means hybrid inverters in Vancouver are generally much lower cost and easier to install. These hybrid solar inverters in Vancouver also offer instantaneous backup like a UPS.

a Hybrid inverter are a very affordable choice for average size households in Vancouver who want to be more self-sufficient using solar and batteries but don’t intend on disconnecting from the grid or rarely experience blackouts,

a hybrid solar system in Vancouver uses a simple hybrid inverter which contains a solar inverter and battery inverter/charger together with clever controls which determine the most efficient use of your available energy.

Solar Inverters Vancouver

Growatt Solar inverters in Vancouver

Power My Home offers Growatt solar inverters in Vancouver at affordable prices. Growatt solar inverters are highly efficient and offers excellent performance in solar installations in Vancouver. Below are our Growatt solar inverter products offered in Vancouver: