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When it comes to renewable energy, you’d think Vancouver, it's would be a great place for wind energy. But did you know it’s actually a great place for solar energy as well? You may be wondering why people in your neighborhood are choosing to install solar panels on their home, and we’re here to help you understand it all. Let’s start with all the reasons going solar is a great investment, and then we’ll dive into all the ways switching to solar is more affordable and easier than you think.


Yes, solar panels are definitely worth it in Vancouver. Purchasing solar panels make sense for homeowners who want to save money on electric costs and lower their personal carbon footprint. Taking advantage of solar incentives can even speed up your return on investment (ROI). Let’s take a look at a few benefits that make the switch to solar worth it.

Solar Panels Help You Save on Electric Costs

The biggest benefit to having solar panels installed in your home is the savings on electric costs. While reducing your dependence on fossil fuels, a residential solar panel system can significantly reduce your monthly electric bill.

Improved Solar Efficiency and Decreased Costs

Solar panels have never been more efficient at producing solar energy, especially solar panels produced by reputable brands such as LG. Furthermore, homeowners can save on the upfront costs for solar panel installations by taking advantage of solar incentives.

Protect Your Home From Outages

If you’re interested in total protection from power outages, a solar battery backup can power your home with solar energy during blackouts. Additionally, solar battery storage provides solar power to your home day and night and adds further protection from energy costs.

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Historical Electric Rates in Vancouver

If you live in Vancouver, chances are you’ve experienced historically high electric prices exceeding the national average. While thankfully the cost of electricity in Vancouver has decreased, for now, there is no arguing electric costs add up over time and a future price high is always possible.

Switching to solar energy gives you independence from your utility company, and can reduce or eliminate your monthly electric bill regardless of energy price hikes in the future.

For this reason alone, switching to solar energy can be a worthwhile investment for most homeowners. Our solar specialist to go over the specifics of your situation to see how solar panels are worth the investment in your home in Vancouver.


If you’re looking for an honest, reliable Vancouver solar installation company, look no further. Power My Home uses only experienced and qualified solar installers and high-quality brands for our materials such as LG solar panels and Enphase microinverters. We use nothing but the best people and the best brands because that’s exactly what our customers deserve.

In addition, each solar panel installation we perform also comes with our 25 year Labor Warranty and our 25 year Production Guarantee. We will also perform a full energy audit on your home to ensure that you get the maximum possible savings with your solar panel system.

Power My Home is here to provide all your solar needs. We offer turnkey solutions so you can switch to green, renewable energy with zero stress. To learn more about switching to solar, or to schedule your free consultation, simply call us today!

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