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Did you realize that Vancouver has both instituted and funded a "Clean Energy Power"(PPA) giving property owners a tremendous opportunity to "Power My Home" at NO cost(must qualify to participate and this is quite simple). Yes, you are reading this correctly! Phase 1 of Vancouver's program has resulted in the placement of solar panels on the top of utility polls. Under Phase 2 of this initiative, property owners can now qualify for NO cost, solar panels to be installed on their property to reduce their energy bills. There are no catches here, and this program is available to both residential as well as commercial property owners who qualify for participation!

With the fact that utility companies can raise electricity costs at any time, and most happily will do so whenever possible, now is the time for you to take control of your electricity costs by capturing the free energy of the sun all at NO cost to you. Vancouver's state-funded program is giving you many reasons to fully investigate this "golden opportunity" while it is still available. Who, after all, couldn't use a substantial, monthly savings on their energy bill?

We are here to show you how to take full advantage of this state funded, Clean Energy Program by explaining how you can qualify for participation, get a free written rate savings proposal, receive an image of the design as to where your solar panels are best installed on your roof and helping you to significantly reduce your energy bill. All you have to do to create energy independence and accomplish all of this at absolutely NO cost to you is to reach out to us!

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For many years, Power My Home Solar Power Consulting has provided professional, thorough and reliable solar power, consulting services to both homeowners and businesses in the Vancouver area. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has made us the top solar consulting company in this region.

We specialize in all solar options, and all of the work our installation companies perform is fully insured, maintained and monitored to assure your total peace of mind and satisfaction. If you're looking for a solar power consulting company, that you can count on and trust, to educate and inform you and get the job done right the first time, give us a call today!

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