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Solar Company in Vancouver
Vancouver Solar Company


Remarkable functionality at an affordable price

The features included with most PowerMyHome® models are often additional-cost options on other brands. Compare our features and pricing to our competitors’ and see why PowerMyHome® Systems are the best choice for clean, quiet, portable power.

Residential Solar Installation Vancouver

Residential Solar Installation

We are #1 Residential Solar Panel Installation Company located in Vancouver, BC.

Commercial Solar Installation Vancouver

Commercial Solar Installation

We are providing solar energy installation services for commercial customers across Vancouver, BC since 2004.

Rooftop Solar Installation Vancouver

Rooftop Solar Installation

Power My Home provides Rooftof solar service, sales and installations to customers throughout Vancouver, BC.

Tesla Power Wall Installation Vancouver

Tesla Power Wall Installation

We are Installing your Tesla Powerwall. We take care of everything from system, permitting, installation & etc.


Delivering clean & quiet portable power.

Best Energy Solutions

Inverter technology delivers clean, clear power that won’t damage sensitive electronics like laptops, flat screen TV’s and game consoles. All PowerMyHome® Systems models are inverter equipped.

End-To-End Services

All PowerMyHome® Systems are CARB, EPA, CETL and CSA certified, meeting the most stringent air-quality standards throughout North America.

Global Expertise

Most PowerMyHome® Systems are designed to meet your needs whether It is Grid-tie, Hybrid or Off-grid.

Vancouver Solar Company

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Solar Company Vancouver

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Serving Vancouver & Surrounding Area

Whether you’re harnessing the clean energy of the sun for your home or organization, Power My Home has installed more than 1,250 projects in 7 states for customers like you. Ready for significant savings, power you can depend on, and the energy independence you deserve?

Residential Solar Installation

Power My Home has provided homeowners in Vancouver and across the Midwest with clean energy solutions since 2000. Ready to save money and power your home with clean, renewable solar power?

Commercial Solar Installation

Power My Home designs, builds, and finances solar energy systems for different organizations that demand high performance and reliability to maximize total financial return.

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Solar Company Vancouver
Best Solar Company in Vancouver
Vancouver Solar Company
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Residential Solar Installation Vancouver